10 Foods You Should Never Store In Fridge

The mercury has reached its peak, thanks to the Indian summer. You delay the left over food to refrigerate, and it goes down the drain, such is the heat. So by now, you have acquired the habit of putting (dumping) everything into the fridge, the most comfortable place during the heat wave and loo.
Well, there are a few things, if kept in fridge loses it's value. Well here we have listed out 10 food items that should never be kept in fridge.


Your favourite beverage to ease you out after a tiring day can bear the heat of the day. It's never a good idea to store coffee in fridge. Coffee has a tendency of absorbing any smell, it comes across. So if you keep coffee in the same shelf with your staple dal and chicken, chances are your expensive coffee from Turkey might smell like butter chicken. Nobody ever relished a chicken flavoured coffee.
Also, instant change of temperature makes moisture to accumulate over coffee powder.


Ever tried putting oil in fridge? Keeping oils into the fridge would turn them to semi butter -like consistency. To get it back at it's original form, you would need to microwave it. So it's suggested not to keep oils in fridge.


Those who cook would know this better. Tomatoes kept in the fridge make the tomatoes mushy. If you have come across salads with ice crystals inside, that's because of tomatoes being kept in fridge.


Onions lose their pungency and become mushy, if kept in fridge. If you really need to keep a half cut onion in fridge, always wrap it with cling film.


Coldness inside fridge breaks starch in a potato. As a result, potatoes kept inside fridge turns sweet and gritty.


Honey contains natural preservative. So it needs no refrigeration. You can consume a hundred years old honey, and you will be alive next day. However, putting honey in fridge makes the sugar in itto crystallize thus tuning it into a hard mass.


Never keep garlic in fridge. This would make them rubbery. While it looks the same from outside, it changes its taste inside.

Water Melon

Watermelon is rich in a lot of antioxidants. Being a juicy fruit, you may consider it to keep it in fridge for sometime to enjoy the chilled red fruit. However, cold temperature kills the antioxidants in it. Even if you plan to keep a half cut melon, put a dish on its exposed end.


I bet, if you have ever lived alone, you know the advantages of banana. No it's not nutritional, rather ease of eating. Nothing to cook, nothing to eat, just peel and done. Well, if you keep bananas in fridge, it would turn dark, soft and slimy. Cold temperature slows down the ripening process.


If it's a sandwich, there is no issue. But putting bread in fridge makes it hard and chewy. Also coldness makes the staling process faster.

Fresh Herbs

Be it lettuce or spinach; make sure you put herbs in an air-tight container. Just like tea leaves and coffee beans, fresh herbs make absorb smells from all around. So it's advisable to wrap a plastic around it, if you really need to preserve.

Habari Mpya

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