8 New Tech Terms You Should Know!

Nowadays, we don't live in a society with technology, in fact, technology has become an essential part of our society. In this rapid technological change, almost lots of new terms are being invented on a daily basis.

While lots of them aren't necessary for all, some are important to understanding in order to establish the knowledge. Some words like Emoji, Selfie, didn't exist a couple of years back, yet now they are vital in our day to day life.

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Today, we have listed 8 important tech words, that you might not know! Do swirl through and adopt it in your daily life.
 1. GIF'fy

The process of turning an image to a GIF.
 2. Gigaflops

A measure of computing speed equal to one billion floating-point operations per second.
3. Spendlytics
Gaining insights about your spending habits.

 4. Peopleware
The role of humans playing in computer technology.

 5. Flaming
It is an act of posting offensive or insulting comments.

 6. Videotize
Turning your messages into a video.

7. Fakersation
Starting a fake conversation in order to leave or escape from an awkward situation.

8. Happify
An effective tool to make yourself happier.

Source: www.gizbot.com
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