5 Tips To Get All Stars In Your Linkedin Profile

 5 Tips To Get All Stars In Your Linkedin Profile
The process of hiring is undergoing a transition these days. It's not only your performance on CV that matters. Adding to it is your Linkedin profile, which is verified and analysed by the recruiters before asking you to join.
Linkedin is taken seriously by most professionals. So does your Linkedin profile give the feel that you are fit to be the candidate employers are looking for? Unless you tell them, they won't.

Start with these steps to give your Linkedin profile a professional grooming.

Targeted keywords
Don't just stuff your description with too many internet-friendly keywords. Rather be specific to your current job and company. Then in the description part, add some search friendly keywords that would target the employers.

This is one of the most crucial. Remember you are being searched by HRs and not your friends. Stay away putting those photos from bars and music festivals. Photos should look as professional as possible. No that doesn't mean you need to wear a tie or suit but make sure you look quite decent. The looks should give the HRs a confidence that you can fit in the company culture.

Link up
If you are an aspirant of the professions that deal in interaction, chances are you have your published work or video resumes online. So the deal is to add link to your profile. This would give the people the proof of your tall talks.

Add your experiences
You might be a wizard in your present field. But it's not always that the HR professional knows about that. So it's your duty to boast about that. Even if that mean adding too much paragraphs, you should highlight each achievement separately.

Encourage your acquaintances to recommend you and write testimonies for you. This gives the HRs confidence of hiring you for the position they are looking for. And if a known face from the industry is recommending, you are game.

Habari Mpya

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