5 Ways to Fix a Fight with Your Partner

Relationships may come easy but sustaining them needs utmost dedication. A relationship is bound to be filled with joyous as well as saddening moments but the secret to maintain a healthy relationship is to get over the bad times without hurting or demeaning each other. It is human tendency to fight over difference of opinions. It is important to nip the problem in the bud before it reaches an extreme point.

So, one should know when and where to stop during an argument with your partner before things take an ugly turn. And if you don't know how to stop a fight, here are a few tips to help you tackle a fight to save your relationship.

1. Change the context: While your partner is busy giving arguments, think of the topics through which you can divert him, for examples you can say that you have to file an income tax return today as the deadline is approaching. This will immediately put everything to rest.

2. Discuss the issue later: If the fight between you and your partner is just going on and on without a pause, you can tell him that you can discuss this matter later or the day after as you are tired now. You can say you need some fresh air and time to re-think about the matter with cool mind.

3. Don't try to stretch it: Don't try to give counter arguments or reasons more often as they further will stretch the matter. Moreover, you will sound defensive and this will further annoy your partner. He or she will think that you don't regret.

4. Accept your mistake: If you have done a mistake, accept it. If you haven't, then also accept it. Don't try to cover it and put blame on others. Tell your partner that you won't let happen the mistake next time.

5. Don't focus on what caused the fight: Do not try to focus on what caused the fight, as it won't help you end the argument immediately. In fact, it will further fuel up the matter and you both will continue fighting over trifles.

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Habari Mpya

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