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Bunge adjourned after Members protest over Udom saga

Deputy Speaker Dr Tulia Ackson.

Dodoma. The Deputy Speaker Dr Tulia Akckson has adjourned Parliament prematurely after Members demanded that the business at hand be differed to another time.
MPs from both camps wanted Parliament to shelve debate on the water ministry in order to discuss the government's discharge of more than 7,000 students pursuing a special teaching diploma courses at Dodoma University.
Education minister, Prof Joyce Ndalichako told Parliament earlier that the students were sent packing following a month long strike by their tutors.
But MPs argued that it was unfair for the government to punish the students for a mistake which was not theirs.
Mr Juma Nkamia (Chemba – CCM) and Joshua Nassari (Arumeru East – Chadema) raised points of order seeking the Speakers guidance. They asked the chair to shelve the arranged debate to give MPs opportunity to debate the students expulsion.
But Deputy Speaker refused to grant their motion, forcing Parliamentarians, in protest, to stage a stand in.
It was then that Dr Tulia ordered a Sergeant at Arms to forcefully remove all protesting MPs, immediately, soldiers carried away Mr Nassari before Dr Tulia adjourned the session to 4pm.