The 3 Main Differences Between A CV And A Resume You Should Know of

People often get confused between a CV (Curriculum Vitae) and a resume. Most of us even use the terms interchangeably. It may happen that a recruiter asks you for a CV, but you may end up submitting a resume. That can give a wrong impression and the potential recruiter may consider you to be ignorant.
So, to avoid this kind of a blunder, read and understand the following three differences between a CV and a resume.
1. Basics
CV- CVs are long and detailed. It can run over two pages or more. You have to mention your qualification, work experience, awards and other achievements in depth.

Resume- Resumes are written in brief on a single or a maximum of two pages. Everything from qualification to work experience is to be mentioned in short and to the point.
2. Format
CVs usually have a fixed format, whereas resumes are highly customisable. CVs have paragraphs, while resumes have bullet points.
3. When to use what
Different countries have different requirements. For example, in the US, they prefer a resume, and in the UK, they generally prefer a CV.

In India, today, most of the companies ask for a resume. But there are a few companies that still require CVs. So, be careful and submit according to the company's requirement next time you apply for a job.
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Habari Mpya

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