5 Tips to Control Your Anger

 5 Tips to Control Your Anger
It is hard to believe a person who says, "I never get angry." If you are human being, it is natural to become happy, sad or angry over something at some point of time. Only a monk can claim that nothing can make him lose his temper.

Further, loosing temper over things you do not like is fine. However, some people easily lose their control and harm themselves and the people around them. In such a situation, it becomes a cause for concern. To help such people, here are some tips to control your mind and calm down.

1. Admit you are upset: Do not pretend you are not angry when you are boiling from inside. You will breathe fast and your blood pressure might rise in such case. Admitting you are upset either to yourself, or as calmly as possible to the person you're in conflict with, provides you an opportunity to resolve the issue. You will feel like finding a permanent solution.

2. Move it out: Go for running, kickboxing, dancing, jumping, or do anything to channelize your rage into an activity. Make sure you do not harm anyone or break anything in order to release your anger. If there is no one around you, you can scream too. Don't let your frustration burn you up from inside, rather your kill the frustration. If you want to laugh loudly, do it. It help you feel relax.

3. Start writing your feelings on paper: If you are angry and couldn't share your feeling with others, you have the option to write down your feelings in a piece of paper. In this way you can understand what made you upset and how it can be resolved. Perhaps, writing your feelings can make you feel more tangible and therefore more manageable.

4. Share it with someone you trust: If there is a colleague or a friend whom you can trust completely, share your feeling with her can be cathartic. But everyone won't take your views in a healthy or supportive way. Some might try to ignite the issue further, while others will make fun of it, so be aware of such people. It is good to discuss the issue with your father, mother, siblings or other family members.

5. Relax: When your temper is on high level, practice some deep-breathing exercises and relax as you are only harming yourself. Tell yourself to take it easy as such things happen in life. Read inspirational quotes on internet and watch motivational videos on YouTube. You can listen to music, and practice mediation to relax.

Habari Mpya

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