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5 Tips to Introduce Yourself in an Interview

5 Tips to Introduce Yourself in an Interviewwill ask you in an interview. You also have no idea about how long it will take to complete the process. But it goes without saying that you will be definitely asked to introduce yourself.

So, when you already know that you have to introduce yourself, can't you prepare it beforehand? You can practice it a day before about what you will say and what not. To help you out, here are a few tips.

1. Try to be concise: Your introduction should be crisp and concise. Do not stretch it beyond 10 minutes as there is no need to share your entire life history to the interviewers. Remember, your interviewers do not have time to waste one hour in each and every candidate.

2. Focus on relevant information: Your interviewer is only looking for relevant information that tells him if you are the right person for the given post in the company. So, do not provide him additional information which has nothing to with the company or the required vacancy. Also read: This Is How An IAS Aspirant Prepared And Cleared Civil Services Exams

3. Never crack a joke: Never try to crack a joke or cook a story in front of the interviewer. He or she is not interested in hearing it and consider it a sheer wastage of time. Moreover, it signifies you have nothing credible to share and you are passing you time.

4. Avoid repetition: Do not repeat the details mentioned in your resume as your interviewer must already be carrying a copy of resume in front of him. Provide him additional information relevant to the company and the required post. Make him believe that you well suited for the post.

5. Make sure you smile: Just because you are appearing in an interview doesn't mean you can't smile. Although, it is a serious business but you can smile when required. This will ease your tension and make you feel better. You should try to greet them warmly.

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