Wanafunzi walichaguliwa kujiunga na Vyuo vya Mafunzo ya Mifugo mwaka 2016/2017


List of Selected Candidates for 2016/2017 Academic year at FETA

The following applicants have been selected through NACTE Central Admission System (CAS) to join various programs offered by FETA Campuses in 2016/2017 Academic Year which commence on late August. Students who could not complete their application or did not apply or applied and failed to be selected are encouraged to apply again through www.nacte.go.tz you may also call us for assistance through the following mobile phone numbers 0736 200822, 0754 650996, 0754 692446, 0682 629562, 0757 120172, 0755 095147, 0784 443566, 0755 095147 and 0755 492988 for further clarification and assistance. For applicants who applied in the first phase you are not required to pay new application fee, use the same user name and password to make new application. Applicants selected to join other institutions and wish to transfer to FETA may also do so through the same system.

Habari Mpya

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